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Shred or Dead

Shred or Dead

by D. Bradford Gambles

ISBN 978-1-60309-547-1

$19.99 (US)

Can skateboarding save the world?! Level up from total noob to cosmic hero in this totally epic graphic novel that will kickflip your brain.

Sam and her little sister Gearhead just wanted a crew to belong to. But when the Too Cool Crew takes over their skating territory, this motley bunch of misfits will have to seriously level up if they want to win it back. Along the way, they’ll encounter a whole circus of wacky weirdos, including an overzealous security guard, a shadowy group of spooky ghouls, a mysterious cult of woodland creatures, and *gulp* an all-powerful ancient god of skating! Packed with unforgettable characters, mind-blowing action, and more twists than an X Games street course, Shred or Dead is the story of four weird kids with a chance to become legends… if they don’t garf it up. -- a 296-page, full-color, softcover graphic novel with 3" French flaps (6" x 9")