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Shadowplay (Book 1): Midnight School

Shadowplay (Book 1): Midnight School

by Sam Fonseca

ISBN 978-1-60309-548-8

$24.99 (US)

Jaw-dropping artwork illuminates a mind-bending work of psychological horror about creative souls struggling against oppression and depression.

The light came from the street. It looked like there was no light on in the school—even though this was the evening class. "Get down from that chair," the teacher said. A boy was standing on his seat with what looked like an enormous metal collar around his neck and shoulders. Blood was dripping down his hands while he kept shaking and crying. "Are you listening to me, sir? I want my mom to bandage my hands." Because of the dim light in the classroom, it was hard to be sure—but it seemed that the teacher flashed a contained smile.

A dark school, apathetic students, cruel teachers, and blood spilled on the classroom floor—what could be happening here, and why doesn't anyone care? -- A 400-page B&W/Full-Color softcover graphic novel with 3" French flaps (6.1" x 9.65")