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Less Than Heroes

Less Than Heroes

by David Yurkovich

ISBN 978-1-891830-51-8

$14.95 (US)

"I liked Less Than Heroes by David Yurkovich a lot, which means that I have now been tricked into liking a super-hero comic. F*ck. … When done right, the super-hero genre can be an intelligent commentary on the way we both idealize and loathe ourselves, and Yurkovich manages to do this through a mixture of satire and random pop-culture references." -- Matt Speer, Too Much Coffee Man

"If there have to be superhero comics, then I want them to be David Yurkovich's." -- Warren Ellis

In the city of Philadelphia there is a tall building at 18th and Market Street, atop of which lives four individuals. They are the official protectors of the city. Their job is to be around when traditional law enforcement fails. But are they really heroes? Meet Philadelphia's contracted super-hero team, Threshold. A quartet more interested in milk and cookies than crime and punishment. A team more concerned with battling indigestion than their arch enemies. Sure, they have super-powers. They can leap tall buildings, fly, and do all the stuff other heroes do. More than human? Probably. Less than heroes? Without a doubt. -- 152 pages, Diamond: APR042942


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