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Karmopolis (Book 1): The Land of Cars

Karmopolis (Book 1): The Land of Cars

by Nick Bertozzi

ISBN 978-1-60309-554-9

$14.99 (US)


Karmopolis is a world made up of super-highways and super-vehicles! Drivers zip from their wheeled houses to the moving super-mall without ever touching the ground, while the few mysterious Walkers skulk within the highway median. Two young Drivers, Pooja and her brother Om, are out shopping when they accidentally find a beautiful gem. When two angry men demand that they hand it over, a head-spinning adventure begins — Pooja and Om race across Karmopolis in search of the meaning of the gem, with the two creeps hot on their tailpipe. -- a 128-page, full-color softcover, middle-grade graphic novel 5.5” x 7.5” (portrait)