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Hutch Owen (Vol 1): The Collected

Hutch Owen (Vol 1): The Collected

by Tom Hart

ISBN 978-1-891830-17-4

$14.95 (US)

"Tom Hart is one of the few cartoonists whose work I actively seek. There is a dept of feeling in his Hutch Owen stories that places them among the best comic book work I’ve read." -- Joe Sacco

"[Hart’s] funny-looking people . . . convey a level of character and emotion that more intricate and detailed figures never achieve. . . . There’s nothing better than a story well-told, and there’s nobody better at telling a story than Tom Hart." -- The Comics Journal

Hilarious, enraged, snotty, and smart! These acclaimed dregs-of-society farces skewer the multinational, mega-merging, corporate forces that control our lives. Tom Hart's popular vagrant/rebel, Hutch Owen, rages while the world around him builds, merges, attends marketing seminars and goes IPO. The streets and alleyways that are his bedroom and study are now invisible beneath a coat of crude and insulting ads. His may be the only dissenting voice left! When the first tale, "Hutch Owen's Working Hard," was released in 1994, it created an underground sensation and gained Tom Hart a die-hard following. Here are the two previously published tales, with two brand new, full-length stories, never before seen. Feel the Power! Catch the Wave! Join the Splurge!! -- 176 pages, Diamond: STAR12449


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