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Hello, Again

Hello, Again

by Max Estes

ISBN 978-1-891830-63-1

$10.00 (US)

"If there's a Brian Ralph recommendation on the back of a book, that's good enough for me. In this paperback, Max Estes tells about a guy who carries around a ton of guilt until a ghost from his past shows up to teach him a lesson about moving forward. The faces and gestures are expressive, the old man is drawn to perfection, and there's even an underground world. Estes is a superstar in the making!" -- Giant Robot Magazine

"Masterful storytelling using deceptively simple pictures and characters. This guy Max knows how to make cartoons sing!" -- Lloyd Dangle

The debut graphic novel from Max Estes! ... William is finding out that his past may not be buried as deep as he once thought. In fact, a colorful character from his past has just crawled out of the ground and is refusing to leave until William changes his ways. Hello, Again is the tale of a drunken fisherman, an unfaithful fiancé, and a guilt ridden apartment manager whose lives intersect with unsuspecting and dangerous consequences. -- 160 pages, Diamond: JAN053035


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