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Deep Breaths

Deep Breaths

by Chris Gooch

ISBN 978-1-60309-455-9 - Diamond: MAY190660

Winner of a 2020 Ledger Award!

“Interesting, offbeat and brave. The dialogue is sharp, the concepts compelling.” — Fanboy Factor

“Within these surreal stories, testing the moral fibre of their characters, there is a hidden relatability... after putting this collection down, you can’t help but feel a little wiser, and a little older.” — Ripe Mangoes

Deep Breaths isn’t just a good anthology, it’s a great encapsulation of Chris Gooch’s work as an artist. The book is well-structured, delivering stories that flow into each other with similar themes, and a constant sense of tension that keeps readers on edge and paging through for more. The art is also superbly on-point, with a huge span of visual techniques that handle storytelling in different ways. It might be jarring for those trained on clean-lined, big-bodied superheroes, but it’s perfect for the content Gooch brings to the table and feels wonderfully human at its core. Come for the lingering sense of unease, stay for your now-favorite space bounty hunter, Skullface.” — Multiversity Comics

The award-winning Chris Gooch (Bottled) is a rising star of the vibrant Australian comics scene. This eerie and evocative collection reveals the astonishing spectrum of his storytelling powers.

A space bounty hunter tracks down a frog princess, a woman finds a condom where it shouldn't be, and a spoiled art student works his first freelance job. Deep Breaths is a collection of short comics about tension, violence, monsters, and moments… including the award-winning story “Mooreland Mates” and nine other tales, rarely or never before seen. -- a 208-page, full-color softcover graphic novel with 3” French flaps (5.8" x 8.3")


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