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Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin

Colleen Coover is a comic book artist and illustrator living in Portland, Oregon. She is the creator of the popular erotic comic Small Favors, and artist of the all-ages comedy Banana Sunday. She has worked for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Oni Press, Fantagraphics, and many others.

Colleen likes bunnies, cheese, romance novels, her iPad, mashed potatoes, giving her opinion on a variety of topics, console single-player RPGs, mustard, warm slippers, and Bollywood movies.

Colleen hates terriers, maraschino cherries, being asked to do basic math on short notice, reality television, artists' statements, black licorice, MMORPGs, cold feet, Nashville corporate country music, being embarrassed.

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Paul Tobin is an oft-mustachioed writer living in Portland, Oregon. He has written for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Oni Press, Fantagraphics and many other clients. He is working on a pair of novels and also occasionally pens notes that he passes to young ladies with a certain type of eyes.

Paul likes storms, girls on bicycles, vintage clothing, girls that rub his head, burlesque, soccer, vaudevillian circuses, proper men's hats, dogs, the art of the Impressionists, and the Flapper era.

Paul hates public bathrooms, spicy foods, most popular music, trash on streets, poetry, modern art, boys that rub his head, and people whose kung-fu is better than his.

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Gingerbread Girl

Gingerbread Girl

by Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin

$12.95 (US)

$7.99 (US) DIGITAL