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Bughouse (Vol 3): Scalawag

Bughouse (Vol 3): Scalawag

by Steve Lafler

ISBN 978-1-891830-67-9

$12.95 (US)

Dennis, the new piano player in Bughouse, is by all accounts a very funky musician and a genial chap. But before long, the real Dennis reveals himself as a gambling, lying, cheating, two-timing, drunken thief and all around Scalawag! Only when he encounters his doppelganger “Dennnis”, does Dennis reach his epiphany: That the real force at the center of his life is love. Following the premise of Lafler’s earlier title Bughouse, the action is set in an indigo toned, “insect noir” Manhattan of the 50s where all the characters are bug-headed hipster bop musicians. -- 144 pages, Diamond: FEB053091

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