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James Kochalka needs your help!!

February 22, 2010

Acclaimed indy video game designers Pixeljam and award-winning cartoonist James Kochalka are making a video game together called Glorkian Warrior. They are trying to raise the necessary funds to complete the project through, and they've put together a really amazing set of awards for people who pledge money. Learn more about this exciting project.

Top Shelf 2.0 contributor Caryn A. Tate talks Red Plains on the Seattle Geekly podcast.

And if you haven't read them already, she's done some great interviews with Robot 6, Comics Bulletin, and Talking with Tim.

• Chris and myself received an email from the incredibly talented artist and manga-ka Akino Kondoh, who is currently living in New York. There's a chance we might meet her while we're there for MoCCA... oh wow. She did the cover for our first volume of collected manga, the AX Anthology, as well as some work inside the mammoth book as well.

Check out this interview with her, and make sure to stay to the end to see some of her exquisite animation.

Uploaded by gabriel-soucheyre. - Arts and animation videos.

• Here are a couple swanky cover designs for forthcoming books of ours, coming in 2011.

Here's a rough for Eric Skillman and Jhomar Soriano's crime noir thriller Liar's Kiss.

And a cover design for Eric Orchard's Maddy Kettle.

• Finally, i'm leaving the country on Tuesday. Off to Oaxaca with my son, my sister, and my niece... my first non-comics related trip in i don't know how long. Adios amigos!!