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i love Troubletown!!

January 17, 2010

Lloyd Dangle is nothing less than a masterful cartoonist, and Troubletown is his masterpiece! Read his most recent newsletter and support his awesome work.

• Eleanor Davis and Katherine Guillen at have a show coming up at GR2 in L.A. The show opened last night and runs through February 10. Learn more here.

• Feast your eyes on Jeffrey Brown's bitchin' wraparound cover for the new volume of his Incredible Change-Bots franchise! Shipping to a comics shop near you in August. Until recently i've never seen a single episode of the classic original Transformers cartoon. But now that i have a five-year old son, i'm pretty much swimming in Transformers. I enjoyed the heck out of Change-Bots volume one, and now it's making even more sense!

Oh, and speaking of Jeffrey Brown, here is (in no particular order) developmental and finished art for the Jeffrey Brown documentary, Drawing Between The Lines. (Directed by Bruce Parsons, and art-directed/designed/screenprinted by Austin Petito.)

• The comics team of writer Jeff Guarino and artist Dean Westerfield have a new website up. Check out their stuff! [This page is from their epic-length graphic novel, The Word.]

• And our awesome Top Shelf Submissions Editor Claire Siepser also has a new website!!

• Tom Spurgeon at the Comics Reporter interviews Ted Adams from iDW on The Sunday Interview. I really really like Ted and Robbie, and they put out some amazing work. Great to see Ted getting some well-deserved props.