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mmm... food

November 23, 2006

• I must say, i do love the Thanksgiving holiday. There's certainly been a lot to be thankful about here at Top Shelf. We've had a really good year, in no small part because of our entire league of amazing creators, designers, letterers, interns, and production staff. Hats off to you all. And big love to Alan and Melinda for allowing us to work together and bring Lost Girls finally into print. It's been a long slog, but i think well worth the wait.

And heaping mounds of thanks to Demeter, the Greek Goddess of The Bountiful Harvest. My family has always been pretty traditional with Thanksgiving, in bringing family and friends together to eat until our bellies bulge. Oh yeah... bring it!

• Finally, thanks to Chris Pitzer of AdHouse Books, a god among men, whose publishing skills are astounding. I just finished the last in his Project: Trilogy, three themed anthologies that just rule. The latest is Project: Romantic, and damn does it rock. If you can afford to kick down for the hardcover, it's worth the price alone for Jim Rugg's amazing endpapers, featuring none other than the ultra bad-ass, Afrodisiac. (See below.)

There's some great shit in here, including the fine introduction by Bill Boichel & Jim Rugg, and two standout strips; "Sewer Girls," another juicy post-apocalyptic tale by the inimitable Kaz Strzepek; and a twisted beauty, "The Fart of Love," by Mr. Rob Goodin.