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World War 3 Illustrated #34

World War 3 Illustrated #34

by Peter Kuper

Diamond: STAR19631

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Top Shelf is also proud to present -- for the first time ever -- the newest issue of WORLD WAR 3 ILLUSTRATED (#34). The latest thematic issue, TAKING LIBERTIES, includes an incredible line up of "Shock and Awe" art and comix by: Art Spiegelman (a full color strip), Sue Coe, Tom Tomorrow, Seth Tobocman, Peter Kuper, Mirko Ilic, Ward Sutton, Mac Mcgill, Kevin Pyle, Steve Brodner, Knickerbocker, Sabrina Jones, Ryan Inzana, Winston Smith, Robbie Conal, and many more. WORLD WAR 3 ILLUSTRATED is the longest running comics zine in history, and this cutting-edge, politically charged publication is not to be missed! Edited by Peter Kuper, Kevin Pyle, and Susan Wilmarth.

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