Top Shelf Productions



by Kurt Wolfgang

Coming Soon

Top Shelf is proud to announce the signing of Kurt Wolfgang's latest "work in progress," the 400-page, wordless graphic novel, PINOKIO. Most recognized for his mini comics LOWJINX #2: UNDERSTANDING MINICOMICS, LOWJINX #3: THE BIG RIP-OFF!, and his other wordless graphic novel, WHERE HATS GO, this time the Xeric Grant and Ignatz Award recipient Kurt Wolfgang knocks the familiar Disney treatment of Pinocchio aside and bathes in the more morbid and murky tones of Carlo Collodi's original Italian novel. This amazing adaptation will not only be illustrated in Kurt's strikingly beautiful brand of visual poetry, but also be designed and packaged by our industry's preeminent designer, Jordan Crane (creator of NON, LAST LONELY SATURDAY, & COL-DEE). Scheduled to be released in the 2008-2010 timeframe. A brief description: Geppetto, an elderly widower forever poisoned by remorse and regret, reluctantly pushes through a lonely existence, haunted by a decade old fatal move and the ghosts it has spawned. Seeing the goodness within him, a magical fairly grants him half a wish in the form of a mischievous little robot boy with a magnetic attraction to neck deep trouble; all the curiosity of a toddler and twice the attitude of a surly teenager. Determined to right a life of wrongs, Geppetto, along with his "son" and a guardian cockroach, navigates a chipped and rusted urban landscape of abandoned amusement parks, slave drivers and clowns of ill repute, in search of the lock to the key that he knows swims within his heart, the lock that binds him to the ghosts of his past.