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Flipper (Vol 1)

Flipper (Vol 1)

by Actus

ISBN 978-965-90221-2-0 - 72 pages, Diamond: STAR17059

$11.95 (US)

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Their year 2000 dual releases: FLIPPER 1 and FLIPPER 2. FLIPPER 1 features two original graphic novellas, SPEAKING OF THE DEVIL by Itzik Rennert and BLOOD ENGAGEMENT by Mira Friedmann, as well a specially wacky, full-color supplement by Batia Kolton, entitled DEEP STUFF. In these novellas, Rennert explores the reasons for good an evil through a student's eyes in Hell, and Friedmann explores the motivations of a Renaissance woman who encounters a bloody proposal she simply can't refuse. ... FLIPPER 2 features two more original graphic novellas, THE SISTERS D'ESPARD by Yirmi Pinkus and BYGONE by Rutu, as well as another full-color supplement by Batia Kolton, entitled LOSERS OF DOLLYLAND. In THE SISTERS D'ESPARD, Pinkus tells the tale of an opera diva addicted to seances, who comes to Tel Aviv to perform the role of a lifetime ... the Night Queen on Motzart's Magic Flute. On the eve of the premiere, a spooky message arrives from the other side. And in BYGONE, Rutu explores the lives of three tragically orphaned sisters who run a theme hotel in a small town. When a handsome photographer comes to stay, he ends up awakening secrets from the past. ? Don't miss these two excellent graphic novels from the premier Israeli comics publisher.

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