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Dodgem Logic #5

Dodgem Logic #5

by Alan Moore

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Dodgem Logic #5 is packed full of delicious art work , photography, poetry, short stories and usefulness. Featured this issue we have a section from poet Tom Pickard’s incredible autobiography ‘More Pricks Than Prizes’, plus Mitch Jenkins and Paul Chessell deliver 8 pages of prodigious photography and art work featuring our very own Spring Boroughs heroes. Barney Farmer and Lee Healey will pollute your minds with their sensational strips, whilst Melinda Gebbie discusses ‘old skool’ animation. John Black from the Alabama 3 offers up his musings on the notorious Jean Genet, and Alan Moore will have you in tears with his poetry [get your hankies ready, seriously!]. Comedian Robin Ince relates his recollections of the Edinburgh festival, and if that’s not enough we have our regular contributors to beguile and intrigue you. -- 64 page full colour magazine with 8 page insert

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