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Dodgem Logic #2

Dodgem Logic #2

by Alan Moore

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Edited by Alan Moore. After the appreciative reception afforded to its premier edition, lauded throughout the gutters of the world, the second issue of Alan Moore's mystifying new underground publication DODGEM LOGIC is now available. Delivering 52 pages of full-colour solid content thanks to its flinty-eyed Puritan policy of no advertisements, this plucky bi-monthly periodical is stuffed to the gills with wisdom and wonderment.

Behind three luscious variant (and random) covers, we have this issue's cover feature, a sexy yet somehow sinister Burlesque photo spread from internationally acclaimed maestro Mitch Jenkins with an accompanying article on Burlesque past, present and future by our exotica expert, Melinda Gebbie. ... And much much more!

And extending the ingratiating policy of quaintly and nostalgically including a free gift with every issue, and replacing the astonishing free CD of our debut, DODGEM LOGIC's unkempt figurehead and founder also contributes a questionable eight-page mini-comic, Astounding Weird Penises, being the only solo comic book that he has managed to create in his otherwise lazy thirty year career.

Published by Mad Love/Knockabout (and available from Top Shelf as well). -- 52-page magazine with mini-comic, 8" x 11.5"

For more information, visit the all-new Dodgem Logic website.


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