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Dodgem Logic #1

Dodgem Logic #1

by Alan Moore

ISBN 9780861661640

$5.95 (US)

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Edited by Alan Moore. This new underground magazine has a comic strip drawn by Alan Moore, his first in 20 years! Plus his written history of 'underground' publishing from the 13th century to now. Also contains comics by Kevin O'Neill and Savage Pencil along with the musings of Father Ted creator Graham Linehan and stand-up Josie Long. Then there's articles on guerrilla gardening, making clothes, living on no money, women's pages and a CD of 50 years of music from Northampton. Published by Mad Love/Knockabout (and available from Top Shelf as well). -- A 48-page magazine with music CD, 8" x 11.5"

And for more information, visit the all-new Dodgem Logic website.


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