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by Eddie Campbell

"Bacchus mixes air hijacks and ancient gods, gangland drama and legends, police procedural and mythic fantasy, swimming pool cleaners and classics. It shouldn't work, of course, and it works like a charm. ... Eddie Campbell is the unsung King of comic books. ... The man's a genius, and that's an end to it." -- Neil Gaiman

"Though one often gets in trouble when saying things like this, I'd like to go on record as stating the following: 'Bacchus is the ultimate comic book!' Why? Because, by some creative miracle, it possesses every possible quality one could hope for: a unique and engaging art style; a brilliantly crafted and intriguing story; completely believable and captivating characters; an undercurrent of humor, sarcasm, and irony; a thought-provoking subtext full of social and political realism; a well-researched examination of history; and, yes … I'll admit it! … superheroes. In its own weird way, Bacchus is actually a revisionist-superhero tale told in epic Greek proportions." -- Chris Staros, THE STAROS REPORT

Eddie Campbell’s Bacchus is a true epic, spanning a decade of work, over a thousand pages, and several millennia of alcohol consumption. It’s Campbell’s version of “an American-style comic book,” filtered through his own brilliant, whimsical, and wide-ranging sensibility. Blending action, comedy, suspense, and an ear for a great story, Bacchus brings the gods and myths of ancient Greece to modern life, as if they had never left.

For this 2014 digital release, we’ve taken the ten canonical books of Bacchus and combined them into five hefty digital volumes:

VOLUME ONE contains Book 1: Immortality Isn't Forever and Book 2: The Gods of Business, with new notes from the author.

VOLUME TWO contains Book 3: Doing the Islands with Bacchus and Book 4: The Eyeball Kid: One Man Show, with new notes from the author.

VOLUME THREE contains Book 5: Earth, Water, Air & Fire and Book 6: 1001 Nights of Bacchus, with new notes from the author.

VOLUME FOUR contains Book 7: Hermes vs. the Eyeball Kid and Book 8: The Picture of Doreen Grey, with new notes from the author.

VOLUME FIVE contains Book 9: King Bacchus and Book 10: Banged Up, with new notes from the author.



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