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2014 Releases

Here's everything Top Shelf has planned for 2014 (so far!) listed in order of release (including a few key reprints of Top Shelf perennials as well). Do yourself a favor this year and try some things that you're not that familiar with. You won't be disappointed.

And click on the links for a quick look at the entire publishing schedule; our mature-reader perennials, and our all-ages perennials.

Looking for our DRM-free graphic novels? Click here for the 13 titles available in the first wave!

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April 2014

From Hell -- HARDCOVER

From Hell -- HARDCOVER

by Eddie Campbell and Alan Moore

$49.95 (US)

$9.99 (US) DIGITAL

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May 2014


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September 2014

God Is Disappointed in You

God Is Disappointed in You

by Mark Russell & Shannon Wheeler

$19.95 (US)

$9.99 (US) DIGITAL

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