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Strangehaven (Vol 2): Brotherhood

Strangehaven (Vol 2): Brotherhood

by Gary Spencer Millidge

ISBN 978-0-946790-05-0

$14.95 (US)

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The second STRANGEHAVEN trade paperback, BROTHERHOOD collects issues 7 through 12. In this volume, Alex Hunter tries to make sense of being trapped in England’s weirdest village, the ghost of the beautiful woman who haunts his dreams, and why the villagers celebrate Christmas in mid-summer. The Amazonian Shaman Megaron reveals his tribe’s deadly cycle of vengeance, and the village’s resident extraterrestrial, Adam, explains away the UFO phenomenon, while behind the scenes a clandestine brotherhood pulls the strings. Beautifully illustrated with pencil, pen and ink, painted watercolor and manipulated photographs. With an introduction by Heart of Empire creator Bryan Talbot.

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