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Strangehaven (Vol 1): Arcadia

Strangehaven (Vol 1): Arcadia

by Gary Spencer Millidge

ISBN 978-0-946790-04-3

$14.95 (US)

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A subtly supernatural tale of intrigue, romance and mystery with a twist of dark humor. ... Painstakingly illustrated in a photo-realistic style, the first STRANGEHAVEN trade paperback, ARCADIA, collects issues 1 through 6 of the critically acclaimed and award winning comic book series. ... Alex Hunter awakes from a car crash only to find himself trapped in a deceptively idyllic village, deep in the English countryside. He soon encounters some of the village's bizarre inhabitants including an Amazonian shaman, a man who claims to be from the planet Nimoi, a woman with talking pets, and the mysterious clandestine brotherhood The Knights of the Golden Light. But who is the woman in the fish tank? Includes an introduction by Cerebus creator Dave Sim.

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