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Sophie Goldstein

Sophie Goldstein is a graphic novelist, illustrator and comics instructor. Aside from An Embarrassment of Witches, her other books include House of Women, The Oven, and Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell. If she could choose an animal familiar it would be a wolf.

An Embarrassment of Witches

An Embarrassment of Witches

by Sophie Goldstein and Jenn Jordan

"This affable coming-of-age fantasy... add[s] a touch of magic to familiar human comedy." — Publishers Weekly

A coming-of-age urban fantasy set in a world full of animal familiars, enchanted plants, and spell-casting that explores the mundane horrors of breakups, job searches, and …

$19.99 (US)

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ISBN 978-1-60309-462-7 - Diamond: OCT190846