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Nate Beaty

Nate Beaty

Nate Beaty is a multi-sarcastic hacksaw. His clawed right hand ekes out comics and animation, while his fidgety left hand mashes the keyboard to code websites, including this here Top Shelf site since 2003!

He resides in blustery Chicago where he aims to perfect photographing his fat cat barely tolerating his feral cat.

Every so often he meets in secret with the nefarious Trubble Club.

Top Shelf 2.0 Comics

comic thumbAug 7 Brainfag #6.2
comic thumbJul 17 Brainfag #6.1


by Nate Beaty

"Nate Beaty is a classic whiner in the hallowed autobiographical-comics tradition of R. Crumb and Joe Matt. ...he blows your mind with beautiful, thick-lined, tragedy-strewn, full-page drawings of Seattle or radiant renderings of Oregon swimming holes." -- Village Voice

"If you're a fan of the …

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