by Nate Beaty

ISBN 978-1-934620-00-7

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"Nate Beaty is a classic whiner in the hallowed autobiographical-comics tradition of R. Crumb and Joe Matt. ...he blows your mind with beautiful, thick-lined, tragedy-strewn, full-page drawings of Seattle or radiant renderings of Oregon swimming holes." -- Village Voice

"If you're a fan of the autobiographical genre, you'd enjoy this offering ... you'll never find such an unendingly varying style anywhere else." -- Atlantic Comics Online

BFF: Brainfag Forever! collects nearly a decade of Nate Beaty's self-published comics. Brainfag is a medical term for "brain fatigue," culled from a turn-of-the-century Grape-Nuts ad. Nate uses comics to explore self-expression, love and love lost, urban existence versus living off the grid, balancing art and coding on the computer, and generally maintaining sanity in a world gone mad. Featuring extensive new material explaining each issue, including the first 25 years of his life in five pages! Climb inside the head of a cartoonist using comics as cheap therapy.

Nate Beaty is also the amazing web designer of this here Top Shelf website. This book was Published by Microcosm, but is now distributed through the Top Shelf website for the first time. Check it out.